Failure is never an Option…


I have always loved this quote, attributed to Gene Kranz in the movie Apollo 13. Although in reality Mr. Kranz never actually made the statement, (not verbatim anyway), it is still a powerful affirmation of what can be achieved when we don’t allow ourselves the option of failing to achieve our goals.

We all have things in our lives that we would like to achieve.  Goals, dreams, aspirations.  Some are fanciful.  Some perhaps pipe-dreams.  But then there are those things that continue to knock on the door of our hearts.  Things for which, should we find ourselves at the end of our life’s journey having not achieved, would leave a sense of regret so deep as to render our very souls, incomplete.  These are things we came here to do.  This is our life’s mission.  This is our purpose.

Not everyone is in touch with what their life’s purpose is…. at least not on the surface.  Personally I felt that way for most of my life, but in retrospect, when you do discover your hearts deepest desire, there’s an awareness…. a knowing…. a recognition, that it was there all along.  Perhaps fear just prevented you from acknowledging it.  Perhaps well meaning friends and family advised you to be “realistic” or “practical”. Most likely it was simply a lack of belief in yourself and your own innate skills and abilities that has kept you from even acknowledging the one thing that would make your heart sing above all else in this world, should you have the guts to go after it.

So what about failure?

What if you don’t succeed?

What if you throw your heart and soul and time and money and energy into your deepest dream…. and it fails?

Trust me… failure is NOT an option.

If the goal that you are pursuing is meant to be.  If it is something that is so deeply entrenched into the very fibre of your being.  If it is something that others have told you that you would be perfectly suited for (even if you didn’t believe them).   If it is the very reason you incarnated on the planet to begin with.  Then failure is NOT an option.

GoalsCan you fail?

Yes of course you can.  I know this, because so far you have.  I know this, because so far, I have!  I have spent the past 30 years failing miserably at my life’s purpose.  First, failing to acknowledge that I even had a life’s purpose.  Then, failing to go after my dream with everything I have.  With everything at my disposal.  With all the courage I could muster.  With all the determination required.  And why….. the same reason we all do…. FEAR.

When I commenced blogging over 4 years ago, one of my very first blog posts was about the impossibility of failure:

“I have a dream.  A desire.  A life’s purpose, if you will.  Looking back now (isn’t hindsight awesome), I can see that it has been with me all along, since I was very young).  I just always believed that failure was possible, and that scared me so sufficiently that I failed to even try.  I believed in failure and failure is what I got.

By changing my belief and realising (FINALLY) that God gave me a talent and a vision and a desire, and therefore also gave me the means to realise it… Failure is now 100% completely impossible!  So long as I continue to move forward in the direction of my dream.  So long as I continue to learn and grow and develop my skills and potential.  So long as I continue to believe in myself and even more importantly continue to believe in the power of belief itself.. then it is impossible for me to do anything other than succeed.”

For several years now, I have espoused that failure was not possible.  How then have I managed to achieve failure… simple.  I have continued to believe in it’s possibility, and maybe even it’s inevitability.   I have continued to listen to the doubting voice within. The voice that speaks of difficulty and lack.  Lack of confidence.  Lack of resources. Lack of ability.  Lack of time.  Rather than put my faith in God, The Universe, Spirit, or whatever name you personally choose… I have decided that I know better than God. God can give me a goal, a hearts desire, a mission and purpose for my life…. but obviously I am smarter than God, and I know that it can’t be done.  How is that not the very height of arrogance?  Who do we seriously think we are, when we are being “realistic” and “practical”, and worshipping the god of doubt and fear?

If it is in your heart?

If it is something that has been there for some time and doesn’t seem to be going away, despite all of your attempts at “rational thinking”?

If achieving it would give you the life you have always hoped and prayed for?

Then it’s there for a reason!

And that reason is that it’s yours for the taking.  You just have to believe that!!!

12 Responses to Failure is never an Option…

  1. Steven Dooey says:

    So true, failure is never an option. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

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  2. I’ve learn’t to learn from my mistakes, understand them and move on….smarter, wiser and happier to have gone through them.
    Even fear has much purpose. From within those painful places we then really appreciate the love when we are touched by it, because of those fears.
    Great post Tracie, thank you for sharing:)

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  3. Great post, Tracie, much to think about here.
    I’ve written three novels, complete and ready to go, but I’ve failed because I haven’t done the next part – query agents on the way to traditional publication. My fault entirely. I can’t blame God or the agents who don’t know who I am. My new goal is to start the process of querying, which I find daunting, scary. Am restarting my own blog on Feb. 1 as well, and that’s a move in the right direction.
    Thanks for the reminder to get myself in action mode.

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    • I am so glad my words stuck a cord with you. For all you know you might have the next best seller sitting in your hot little hands, but you will never know unless you take the next step. I wish you every success, and just know that you have what it takes to get you where you want to go.


  4. There is a book titled The Sculptor in the Sky by Teal Scott. It is filled with ways to uncover your shadow side, and connect with meaning and purpose. But the best sentence in the book is the last line – There is no sculptor in the sky creating your life. You are the sculptor, and you are creating your life …
    How much of what we think, that makes up our being, our personality, our thoughts, is our own? Nearly all we are is what we have accepted through the teachings of all those around us. That is not reality, that is the dream that Don Miguel Ruiz talks about, yet we live in each other’s dreams, and they take the forms of what you are speaking to in this post. To me time and consciousness are synonymous, squander neither one, for they will pass with the beating heart. Within time all things are possible, in consciousness we accept the program of others, or we take what we have learned and write our own. One of the gems of scripture I have always believed in is – seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all its righteousness, and all else will be added to you. Grab that chisel and get going …:-)

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  5. Gene Kranz may not have said those exact words at the time, but he had no problem calling his memoir “Failure Is Not an Option.” I’m reading it now – it’s good.

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